Tribute to Solly...Robyn's Story...  
I still remember that cold December when Solly came into the rescue and how she used to follow me around as I fed cats there. She wormed her way into my heart by playing with Skye and Muppy and by curling up with little Pip. You told me that she would cry for hours when I left so she became mine that spring.​​​
Solly had a long and wonderful life with me; she was well travelled, visiting Blackpool, Brighton, Scotland, Ireland and France and living in Ohio, London, TEXAS and finally Maryland. She was my constant companion and was always up for joining me on a run or hike. She became a big sister to numerous foster cats, including Boris (who still lives large with my parents in Ohio) and my sister's Chihuahua and Chihuahua/Beagle mix.
Despite her growing list of health issues (she had chronic ear infections, causing her to be unable to hear, developed an allergy to grains and certain grasses which caused her to itch and chew her feet, and later had hip issues, she never complained and remained my faithful buddy.
She loved peanut butter and twice stole all the pies at Thanksgiving (twice! And yes, ALL of them). She would jump in any body of water she could get to and swim until she could barely breathe and had her very own sprinkler for summer in every house we lived in. She was a character and was well loved.
When my daughter, Bella was born in 2015, Solly was ever watchful of her, even though her cataracts probably prevented her from even seeing her face. She would tolerate Bella's excited petting and allow princesses and baby dolls to go for rides. My fondest memory will always be of Bella perched on the edge of Solly's dog bed "reading" to her, pausing to show Solly the pictures of her board books.
After much deliberation and consultations with our family vet, we decided to end Solly's suffering and allow her to peacefully move on to a place where her health issues will no longer plague her. At the age of 14, I made the very difficult decision to help her crossing.
Solly is laid to rest beside many of my childhood companions at my parents, lake house, a place she loved to visit to chase deer, squirrels and swim. I will be able to visit her often and know that she is now at peace. A rather large piece of my heart stays with her there and she will forever be in my memories.
I wanted to let you know because I remember how dear Solly was to you and also to thank you for the work you do that allowed me to have such an amazing part of my family for such a long time. Please know that Solly's story is one of the successes of rescue work; that although this letter saddens me and probably you, it is really a very happy one.
Thank you,
We were so pleased to celebrate the life of Solly on our website.  We remember vividly rescueing Solly from the street near our charity shop on Aigburth Road. She was a beautiful little girl and we all loved her very much.  Solly was so lucky to be adopted by Robyn, who has given her a lifetime of love and companionship.  Solly was part of Robyn's family, wherever Robyn's home was Solly was with her and when Robyn's baby arrived Solly remained an integral part of the family.

Robyn's commitment to Solly reminds us all, especially at Christmastime, that...
a pet is for life.
Microchipping Miracle
The importance of microchipping your pet has been proven yet again when Garston Animal Rescue were able to reunite Danny Boy with his owner after being missing for 18 months from Belfast! (See news story below). 

We cannot stress enough how vital it is for owners to microchip their cat.  The procedure is simple and relatively cheap yet the information is essential in reuniting cats with their owners should they get lost, stray or escape. 

Rescue centres across the county are struggling with the sheer amount of cats needing rehoming and many thousands of healthy cats are being destroyed because there are simply not enough homes. We believe that microchipping could significantly reduce the amount of stray cats in animal shelters and ultimately save many cats' lives.  If your cat isn't microchipped then please consider getting it done immediately at your local vets.

Mystery of Belfast moggy who turned up in Liverpool - 18 months after going missing
A lost cat from Belfast has turned up in Liverpool - 18 months after going missing.

Volunteers at Garston Animal Rescue took in the black and white cat after he was spotted on Speke Hall Road last week, trying to find leftover food near a takeaway.

They nicknamed him Danny Boy – and after checked for a microchip, were astonished to learn that his owner Julie Blair lives in Northern Ireland.

Four-year-old Danny – who is known at home as Pussy-woo – was bottle-fed by Julie after being abandoned as a kitten.

She assumed he had been lost for good after finding no trace of him since his disappearance..   Read More....

Keep it in the family
One of our long-standing adopters got in touch with us this year to offer a home not for one kitten, not for two kittens but for a whole family – the mum and all her babies!

We first met this wonderful family around 20 years ago when they adopted two brothers from us who had sadly been given up by their owners. Luckily Dylan and Diggory enjoyed a long and happy life with this wonderful family and despite being devastated at losing them both to old age; they were able to put their grief aside in order to help more homeless animals.

What is so special about this adoption is that this family wanted to keep the mum with all her babies. This amazing family opened their hearts and their home to another family, albeit feline, and here is a snippet of what they’ve been up to from adopter Tania...
Lily, Lincoln, Luis, Lexi and Lollipop – perhaps one of the luckiest cat families in the country!
"We are enjoying watching their own personalities develop. In fact, I have been so mesmerised with them all summer that I have hardly got any work done! Lily (mum) is a small, quiet and friendly black cat. She was cautious with the dogs at first but is now very much accepting of them and walks happily amongst them, keeping them in check if they step out of line!  She trusts them around her kittens so that is a good sign and in turn, the kittens are relaxed and playful with the dogs. Lincoln, the biggest boy, is the "thinker" of the group, very relaxed and chilled and has always been the most mature. Luis, the second biggest boy is the joker of the pack and always makes me laugh.
He is a little ungainly, thinks he can do everything Lincoln can (but can't) and ends up just missing a jump and then pretends he hasn't. Lexi is the prettiest, she is crazy and reckless and by far the bravest. She is the smallest yet is the first to try new adventures, particularly climbing and jumping. Finally little Lollipop has the sweetest nature of them all and really enjoys rubbing up against the dogs for affection."
“We are always in desperate need of loving forever homes.  
Without adopters our work cannot continue.”
Golden oldie
Keir was a 10-year-old cat whose owner could no longer keep him. He apparently lost his eye as a kitten. It is almost impossible to find homes for older cats and especially those that have some sort of disability. However, Keir was lucky, as he was given a new forever home. It’s always incredibly difficult when we have to take in an older animal who has lived in a comfortable family home, as we realise how distressing it must be to then find themselves in a rescue centre, with no understanding of where 
they are or where the people are they thought loved them. If you think you can give an older cat a home please call.
Could you consider adopting an
elderly or disabled cat?