Special Appeal

Maggie, Kristie, Jake and Elaine are seeking a very special home together.
Maggie, Kristie and Jake: this feline family was rescued from an embankment in St Mary’s Road Garston, which was wedged between a car park and a very busy road on a cold November evening in 2014 and are still searching for a loving home.  They were hungry, frightened and in danger of being killed by the cars when one of our volunteers rescued them.  
Heartbreakingly, our wonderful volunteer Sheila Harding, aged 70, who rescued the cats, was tragically killed on the road a few months later.  It was her wish that these three beautiful cats be found a home together, as they are inseparable and love to snuggle up together and groom each other.  Nearly two years later, we are still trying desperately to make Sheila's wish come true.  

This feline family needs an experienced home, as although Kristie is
very friendly, Jake is a little shy and Maggie is very nervous.  What they need is a loving, quiet and patient home where they can learn to trust people and build their confidence.  After their traumatic and dismal ordeal they really do deserve a chance to shine in a home they can finally call their own.   

​When Three Became Four
Elaine was found abandoned in a garden in Speke.  She had been living rough for so long that she has become very frightened despite being a friendly cat.  Since being at the rescue Elaine has become great friends with Maggie, Kristie and Jake and is inseparable from them.  We just don't have the heart to take her away from them when she's already had such a tough time.   Elaine also needs lots of tender, loving care in a quiet home, where she can learn to trust people again.

So, if you think you can help this famous four find their forever home, please get intouch.  They deserve a home just as much as the next cat.