Would you like to be a volunteer?
The rescue always needs volunteers to help with fundraising, cleaning, dog walking, feeding, fostering of animals, working in our charity shops, office work, building work, painting and decorating, art work and anything else you think may be useful.

If you are interested in volunteering, please download and complete the online form before emailing it back to us.
Volunteer Corner
It’s been another busy year for us here at Garston Animal Rescue. Sadly there never seems to be a shortage of homeless cats.

Just recently we have been forced to take in a pair of beautiful cats who were left behind in a house when the owners moved out. Unfortunately one of them was heavily pregnant and soon gave birth to a litter of 9. This means a lot of extra work for us as they grow and take up more and more space in our already overcrowded house. Whilst we often find homes for kittens, as it seems lots of people want to take in a cute kitten, it is usually much harder to find homes for the adult cats in the rescue. Cats who have been waiting patiently for us to find homes for them end up at the back of the queue. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?
Since our last newsletter a house was discovered with 35 cats in, living with a man who wasn’t able to take adequate care of any of them. These cats all had to be removed and dispersed around various charities. A number of rescue centres had to get involved due to the sheer number of cats needing rescuing and thankfully, we were able to help by taking in four of them. 

Unfortunately the great majority of phone calls we receive are from people wanting to get rid of their cats! In a lot of cases this turns out to be avoidable as whatever problem they are experiencing can usually be resolved with a bit of effort.

We have lots of leaflets giving advice on many topics including:
  • Integrating Cats and Dogs
  • Integrating a New Cat withan Existing Cat
  • Coping with Pets andAllergies
  • Timid Cats
  • Lost Cat or Dog
  • Settling in Cats/Kittens
  • House cats

Please click on our information button if you would like advice on any of the above topics.                                    

Often we have people asking us to take in the cat they have been looking after because they live in flats and are not able to allow the cat to go outside, and feel this is unfair on the cat. In these cases we have to impress on them how much happier the cat is likelier to be staying where it is.

That is just a snippet of life as a volunteer here at the rescue.